Exhibition Cell (EC)



To set an active state of mind, chooses constant enterprising endeavours, learns from the past, respects the present and welcomes the future with a positive curiosity to constantly explore. The limitless spirit has the power to take on every challenge and convert adversities and threats into viable opportunities


To constantly innovate and create new strategies that can help make a difference in exhibition and marketing campaign, from exhibit design and brand development to providing innovative marketing communication tools.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To assist with the planning of the exhibition, paying special attention to how the projects and texts enhance audience experiences
  • To consult with subject matter experts, community groups and organisations, and other information providers
  • To reach out and make an effort to find what’s new in the world for design and request for a conference to explain the innovative efforts.
  • To foster good relationships with media partners and industry associations.
  • To market and promote the event or exhibition across multiple platforms in the industry of innovation and research.
  • To identify potential business, researching, writing, planning and running all aspects of exhibitions on innovation and research.

Cheif Coordinator

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Chief coordinator
Mechanical Engineering

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Chief coordinator
Mechanical Engineering

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Deputy coordinator
Information Technology